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Alojzy Wojaczek Tomasz Witek
1-go Maja 1
47-460 Chałupki




O mnie

Our adventure with the pigeons started nearly 23 years ago, here in Alojzy Wojtaszek palce. And so it started and continues up today's as well with good results. Whole breeding is based on piegeons of best friend Bogdan Glenc. Since 2009 I am bringing birds from Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands, from different, but good breeders, well known or less-known as well. The most expensive pigeon that was bought here cost 1200 EUR.

Our greastest successes are we have been multiple winners of the championship of Godow Branch. Last year we also won the championship of our Region in which are 3 branches: Godow, Gorzyce, Pszow and also for the first time since Silesian District South was founded, we we won the championship of our district.

All the population of the races pigeons were 73 at the start . There were about 200 old pigeons and about 150 youngsters. So about 350 in total at today’s breeding count.